Trade secret is information that is not publicly known in the field of technology and / or business which has economic value because it is useful in business activities, and kept secret by the owner of a trade secret.

The scope of trade secret protection include methods of production, processing methods, methods of sale, or other information in the field of technology and / or business that has economic value and are not known to the general public.

Trade secret protection if the information:

  • Inter secret known only to certain people not by the general public,
  • Has the economic value if it can be used to carry out business activities or commercial nature or which can increase economic benefits,
  • Maintained confidentiality if the owner or the parties that control has taken steps necessary and appropriate.

Trade secret owner can grant a license to the other party. The meaning of the license is a license granted to other parties through an agreement based on entitlements (not the transfer of rights) to enjoy the economic benefits of a given trade secret protection for a period of time and with certain requirements.