A patent is an exclusive right granted by a state to an inventor for his invention in the field of technology, which for a given period to own invention to other parties to implement it.

In general, there are three broad categories of patentable subject:

  1. Process, which includes algorithms, business methods and most of the software (software), medical engineering, sports engineering and the like.
  2. Machine, which includes machines and apparatus.
  3. Device produced and used as mechanical devices, electronic devices and compositions of matter such as chemicals, drugs, DNA, RNA, and so on.

In Indonesia, the terms of the findings will be patented shall have the following elements:

  1. New (Never previously disclosed).
  2. Contains an inventive step (unpredictable).
  3. Can be applied in industry.

The term of protection for patents ‘ordinary’ is 20 years, while the simple patent is 10 years. Keep in mind patent cannot be extended. To ensure that research has not been patented technology by the other party and worthy patented, patent document searches can be performed. Patent holders have the exclusive right to exploit his patent and to prohibit others without consent make, use, sell, import, export and / or distribute goods which are given Patents.

There are several things that must be considered before making an application patent, namely:

  1. The registered is not the method of examination, care, treatment and / or surgery applied to humans and / or animals.
  2. The registered instead of theories and methods in the field of mathematics and science, of all living creatures, except microorganisms, and essential biological processes for the production of plants or animals, except for the non-biological or micro-biological processes.