Putra Jasa Patent provides consulting services and services in the field of

  1. Intellectual Property
    Handling services and consultancy in the field of the exclusive rights to intellectual property covering Trademark, Patents, Trade Secrets, Industrial Design, Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits and Plant Variety.
  2. Legal
    Putra Jasa Patent also provides consultancy and advisory services in the field of public law, both civil and criminal. Legal Consultation in Son Services Patent handled by SALIM Halim, SH and Partners.
  3. Licensing
    Serving all forms of licensing fundamental to the establishment of the company, MOH license, permit BPOM, permission Postel, Making Number Barcode, Environmental permits, Halal Certification, Indonesian National Standard (SNI) and the maintenance of ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 22000: 2009.
  4. Taxation
    Consulting services in all forms of taxation both individual personal tax and corporate tax, annual bookkeeping, and others. Putra Jasa Patent listed as registered agent in accordance with the Permit No. Menkumham Registered Tax Consultant SI-782 / PJ / 2003.

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