Putra Jasa Patent also serve the maintenance Patent Services Halal certification from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) in both the food processing industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, Slaughter House (RPH), restaurant / catering and service industries distributors, warehouses, transporters, retailers.

The importance of Halal certification on the product of your business activities due to the Indonesian people that the majority of Muslim and Quran and Hadith confirmed that the type of food may be consumed and should not be. Along, rapid technological developments, emerging various processed products are halal doubt. There are fears that the use of raw materials in the form of material that is prohibited in Islam. Therefore, it needs to be kosher certification of a product to provide information to the public that the product is safe to use because it has been tested halal.

The advantages of product businesses obtain Halal Certification :

  1. Convincing consumers to buy the product because it has a Halal label.
  2. Improve the image as a business product business product better known Indonesian society.