Copyright is the exclusive right of the Creator or the Copyright Holder to regulate the use of the results of the casting ideas or specific information. Basically, copyright is a “right to copy a creature”. Copyright may also allow the holder the right to restrict unauthorized duplication on a creation. In general also, copyright has a limited validity period specified.

Copyright applies to various types of artwork or copyrighted works or “creation”. Works can include poetry, drama, and other writings, films, works of choreographic works (dance, ballet, and so on), musical compositions, sound recordings, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, computer software, radio and television broadcasts, and (in certain jurisdictions) industrial design.

Some of the exclusive right that is generally given to the copyright holders the right to:

  • make a copy or reproduction of creation and sell such copies (including, in general, an electronic copy),
  • importing and exporting creation,
  • create derivative or derivative works of creation (adapting creation),
  • show or exhibit creation in public,
  • sell or transfer the exclusive rights to the person or others.