Brand is a name or symbol discriminatory. Brand can be the element name, word, phrase, logo, symbol, design, image, or a combination of two or more elements. This distinctive sign can be:

  1. A business entity as a marker of identity.
  2. The distinguishing mark on goods or services produced.

The objective of this brand is given to distinguish the business or the goods or services resulting from other business entities. Believed to be the motive driving the brand consumers choose a product, because the brand is not only what is printed in the product packaging, but the brand including what is in the minds of consumers and how consumers associate. Example: People are more likely to mention the brand “AQUA” compared Mineral Water Packaging.

Brand is the most important issue in business activities. Therefore, the brand including parts of industrial property that has economic value that we need a legal guarantee to protect the interests of trademark owners. Legal Guarantee for Brand Trademark Registration can be done with valid for 10 years.

Trademark Registration Function

  • As evidence for the beneficial owner of the registered trademark.
  • As a basis for the rejection of the same brand of whole or substantially the same applied for registration by others for goods / services similar.
  • As a basis to prevent other people using the same brand of the whole or substantially the same in the circulation of goods / similar services without the permission of the legal owner of the mark.

Some things to consider before making a Trademark Registration

  • Does not conflict with the legislation in force, religious morality, decency, or public order.
  • Not having distinguishing.
  • It has become common property.
  • Is a description of or relating to the goods or services applied for registration.

In addition Trademark Registration process, we also can help you to:

  1. Application Extension Registered Trademark.
  2. The application for a Registered Trademark Registration Assignment.
  3. Application for Registration of Change of Name and Address.
  4. Request Removal of Trademark.
  5. Cancellation of Trademark Registration Request.
  6. Application excerpt Registered Trademark.
  7. Prepare Letter of Objection to the Application for Registration of Trademark.
  8. Application Submission INTERNATIONAL BRAND cooperation with WIPO.